More and more men are discovering the pleasures of prostate milking. Men report stronger orgasms, more sexual pleasure, and a more complete sense of their sexual system. By stimulating the prostate, men feel sensations deeper into their body and often have stronger erections. Many men are taking advantage of online prostate videos to learn prostate milking with their female partners, learning the skills of prostate milking at home. Some men, however, wonder what women could possibly get out of the experience, so hesitate to ask their female lovers to perform prostate milking.

We asked several women what they enjoy about performing prostate milking. While there was a range of answers, all of the women we spoke to got a lot of pleasure out of offering this highly erotic experience to the men they loved.

Some women simply loved the intimacy of prostate milking. They find that it brings them closer to their men, and that introducing this new activity adds new electricity to their sex life.

Other women love the sensation of milking the prostate, enjoy being a more active partner and offering their men quality touch.

Another woman told us that it was by far her favorite sexual activity: “When we do prostate milking, my boyfriend gets so hot and I love watching him receive. I learned simultaneous prostate and cock massage, and when I touch all of him at once he just goes through the roof- I’ve never seen him enjoy sex so much. Of course, this makes me really hot and our sex has lasted way longer than usual.”

Prostate milking can be combined with cock massage, massage of the perineum, and even oral sex. Touching the prostate and the penis at the same time creates enormous sexual sensations that men must feel to believe.

The intimacy of prostate milking, the level of pleasure men experience and the new sexual twist all combine to make this a favorite activity of many women. With basic hygiene in place, women don’t have to worry about any mess- a simple pair of gloves makes for easy clean-up and lessens any anxiety about this deeply intimate activity.

Couples can learn prostate milking with online prostate milking videos, learning the techniques and skills to share highly pleasurable prostate milking. Men and women can watch these videos together, discussing what looks exciting and talking about both their excitement and any concerns they may have.

As more men and women discover the pleasures of prostate milking, it will become a more regular part of the sexual experience that couples can share. Men enjoy the deeper sexual sensations and many women are thrilled to offer this experience to their men, finding it intimate and empowering for both partners.